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Moodswing Management teams up with Crush Music

House and hip hop have been musical trendsetters for years, but it wasn’t until the recent partnership between New York’s Moodswing Management and Crush Music that the two genres became one. Moodswing’s founder, Jonny Maroney, explained to Billboard that the motive behind teaming up was to bring to the forefront “post-EDM:” the unification of house and hip hop. For Maroney, whose clientele includes DJ Sliink, UNiiQU3, Solidisco and TWRK, “future hip hop” will soon be the new face of dance music.

“EDM has to evolve. The 128 bpm, big-drop sound has peaked. We see the future is of dance music in niche genres like Jersey Club, Future Bass, and House music. Tempos are definitely changing.”

Moodswing and Crush hope to put lesser known artists and records into the spotlight, with radio air time as their ultimate goal. As two independent companies, they will be able to oversee artist development from start to finish: “The term ‘agency’ is a little dated because we’re extremely hands-on,” Maroney said. “We’re involved in every aspect of our artists careers, from video promos to branding, press, and so on.” 

Via: Billboard

Photo courtesy of Moodswing

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