Muzzy brings cosmic drum & bass to Monstercat with ‘Lost Metropolis’Lost Metropolis Original Mi Large

Muzzy brings cosmic drum & bass to Monstercat with ‘Lost Metropolis’

Canada’s chief electronic music imprint, Monstercat, has been on a hot streak lately pumping out more tracks than fans can keep up with. To fulfill our drum & bass needs, Muzzy’s latest single “Lost Metropolis” has the honor of being the latest gem off the label. The song sounds as though it belongs in the soundtrack for the next Halo video game or the score for the recent box office hit Interstellar. Muzzy transports listeners into an adventure through a lost world beginning with trickling piano keys, natural sound effects, primitive percussion, and a frantic radio transmission from a lost girl. The UK producer ramps up the pace at the drop, breaking into a fierce drum & bass sequence contrasted with delicate synths and soothing vocal cuts. Although the genres showcased on Monstercat may be outside of the mainstream mold, the Canadian record label repeatedly releases quality tracks that provide a refreshing break from the monotonous evolution of fads.

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