Pasquale Rotella’s tell-all book to arrive in MayPasquale

Pasquale Rotella’s tell-all book to arrive in May

From rags to riches – it’s a timeless tale told and retold again in story books and novels for every age and audience. But for Pasquale Rotella, it’s always been about more than just the money. Revealed in a new interview with THUMP, today’s modern day electronic music champion will soon pen his own story and experiences as a trailblazer for dance music and rave culture. Rotella’s decision to share the exciting news was spurred from a lengthy discussion questioning the Insomniac CEO’s choice decision to avoid partnering with SFX and instead, link with Live Nation.

Though he notes that SFX offered him “more money than he ever imagined,” he declined the option to collaborate, foreseeing the monopoly SFX aimed to hold over the majority of dance music around the world. “If I had gone into business with SFX, I feel like I might as well have just retired,” he equates. Live Nation, on the other hand, allows Insomniac to proceed with full autonomy, merely offering financial support and benefits as an investor.

Understanding of his own audience’s curiosity about both his own personal journey as the ‘rave empire pioneer’ as well as the fruition of Insomniac and dance music, Pasquale is planning to release a book tentatively titled Insomniac. With the aid of A Million Little Pieces author James Frey, the book is slated for a May release and has already sparked the interest of Fox for a future movie deal. “It’s a story people need to hear […] because it’s not just my story, but the story of everything that has happened. I’m just the messenger.”



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