Pornhub launches song search contest to find the official Pornhub anthemLogo

Pornhub launches song search contest to find the official Pornhub anthem

A few months ago Pornhub announced that it would be penetrating the music market with its own record label, Pornhub Records. At the time, details were scarce regarding their actual intent – or how the record label would come to fruition. The latest news out of the PHR corner reveals that the porn site turned record label seeks to crowd source its official anthem. Fans can submit their tracks on the Pornhub website for a chance to win $5000 but don’t blow your load just yet — the prize money will go towards offsetting the music and video production from a local studio not into your pocket. Talk about a Philly fake out.

You can head over to the contest page to listen to the most recent submissions – just be warned, it’s all hosted on so don’t browse from your office (use your roommate’s computer).

The rules are as follows:
[Pornhub reserves] the right to work with you to ensure the lyrics convey the Pornhub brand and message.
The selected entry will be rewarded up to $5000 from Pornhub to be professionally produced. The prize money must be used to offset the cost of music and video production through a locally sourced studio.
Contest winner retains all rights to the master recording and the copyright of the song, whereas Pornhub retains the right to use the song and video or portions of the song and video in all media, now known or hereafter devised, throughout the world and in perpetuity.
All band members must be 18 years old or older in order to submit a song.
Any and all publishing royalties and revenue from the use of the song shall be divided equally between the Pornhub Song Search winner and Pornhub

If exposing yourself to 500,000 people sounds like something you are interested in head over to the official contest page and enter today.

H/T: DoAndroidsDance

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