A night with Red Bull, Rhonda International, and Seth TroxlerClub Called Rhonda

A night with Red Bull, Rhonda International, and Seth Troxler

Over the last few months, The Red Bull Music Academy has been staging a unique series of events aimed at showcasing Los Angeles’s breadth of electronic music talent. The four-part series, named This City Belongs To Me, culminated last Friday at the Belasco Theater in conjunction with revered LA party promoter, Rhonda International.

As you’d expect from a convergence of Red Bull and Rhonda, the party was anything but ordinary. The Belasco was decked out with gold and purple decorations while above the stage hung a brilliant disco ball. Of course, most interesting of all were the people in attendance. A mixture of house and techno heads and Rhonda’s signature pansexual audience, it was a melting pot of the LA underground.

A night with Red Bull, Rhonda International, and Seth TroxlerClub Called Rhonda

Panorama Bar veteran Gerd Janson was on hand to spice things up as the crowd filtered in. As his taste for dancey disco warmed up the room, the giant disco ball above would illuminate at various intervals, stealing the audience’s attention.

Seth Troxler emerged behind the decks, exchanging some casual words with Gerd. Before long, the heavily lauded Visionquest maestro was cueing in his first track, readying the crowd for his multi-hour set. Not one to disrupt the vibe, Troxler kept the disco train going for a good few songs. His initial transitions were noticeably a bit shaky, but once he found his groove, he couldn’t be stopped.

Throughout the set, bands of people would climb on to the stage, dancing in unison to the steadily chugging beat. At times, the party in front of the DJ booth seemed to eclipse the actual one on the dancefloor (at least in craziness).

A night with Red Bull, Rhonda International, and Seth TroxlerRed Bull Seth Troler

Leading the procession of free spirited dancers, Troxler was getting into some real nitty gritty techno. Stacking two tracks on top of each other with ease, it was near impossible at times to tell when the bassline of one track and transformed into the bassline of the next. A quick lowpass on one deck would yield space for the high end of the other. The music would go from desert-inspired tracks to more warehouse oriented selections reminiscent of Gary Beck’s murky productions.

All in all, it was a reassuring exposé of LA’s thriving house and techno scene. As expected, a night spent with Red Bull, Rhonda International and Seth Troxler was about as weirdly enthralling as we had hoped.

Photo Credit: Carlo Cruz/Red Bull Content Pool

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