Relive Defqon.1 Australia 2014 with the official aftermovie and endshowDefqon 1 Photo

Relive Defqon.1 Australia 2014 with the official aftermovie and endshow

Although the genre has yet to officially take off in the US mainstream, hardstyle has developed a thriving culture in Australia and abroad. Defqon.1 may be less known in North America, but among hardstyle enthusiasts, it is the Tomorrowland of their genre. Event organizers Q-Dance have released the official aftermovie capturing the madness that ensued in the outskirts of Sydney this past September. 

Weekend warriors pitched their tents on the emerald meadows and ran straight to the dragons on the main stage to shuffle and rage to hardstyle, hard-techno, hard-house, and hard-trance for hours on end. The aftermovie captures the passionate niche community that is hardstyle and the spiritual adventure that ensues at Defqon.1. Weekend warriors gravitated to the Australian countryside from all corners of the Earth from across Australia to Sweden to England to gather as a community for a one weekend of non-stop energy.
Q-dance also released Official Defqon.1 Australia Endshow to give hardstyle virgins and zealots alike an inside look at the epic finale to the festival weekend. From rampaging lasers to stunning visuals, the Endshow depicts the magical main stage experience that festival-goers lose themselves in at Defqon.1.

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