RL Grime discusses new album, EDM, and origamiRL Grime Billboard

RL Grime discusses new album, EDM, and origami

Henry Steinway, more commonly known by his stage name, RL Grime, (and sometimes Clockwork) surfaced on the Internet only two years ago. From there his ominous, bass-blasting trap sound lead him to drop out of NYU in 2013 and pursue music full-time. Since breaking out, he has become a trap icon with multiple number-crushing remixes and a notoriously grungy live show, known for its eerie visuals.

Grime recently sat down with Billboard recently to talk about his take on the current state of EDM and his vision as an artist. When asked about EDM, Steinway boldly states his opinion that the genre “lacks authenticity” and “is less about self-expression than it is about pleasing others.” He explains that the next step for him to become a timeless artist was to create a good album. That’s when Void happened.

For his debut album, RL Grime describes his unorthodox journey, beginning with a deep-sea visual concept that he then developed his album around.  He also reveals to Billboard that his elementary school hobby of origami now plays the role as a natural stress-reliever. Although RL Grime keeps it brief, he articulately conveys his stance on the EDM scene and gives us an insight to his artistic approach to music.

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