Skrillex delivers another storytelling music video with ‘Fuck That’Skrille Mothershio

Skrillex delivers another storytelling music video with ‘Fuck That’

Let’s face it. Skrillex‘s music can get weird. Very much aligned with the his forward-thinking production approach and his boundless creativity, the weirdness is a key factor in the appeal. Occasionally there is a music video to go along with the madness that wouldn’t do the track justice unless it was a little strange itself. Like “Bangarang” and “First Of The Year” before it, “Fuck That” is getting an eerily gripping new music video to tell a story alongside one of the most underrated cuts on Recess

The video is directed by Nabil Elderkin. For those unfamiliar with his catalog, everyone from Baauer and Just Blaze, to Beats By Dre, Alt-J, and Kanye West have all trusted Nabil’s lens to tell their stories. Now, OWSLA‘s commander-in-chief is among that list, as the pair piece together a seedy story of a fighter who goes down, after a valiant, dangerous final brawl.

The video takes us from a Project Mayhem-inspired underworld to the middle of the desert on an adrenaline-pumping thrill ride, to the tune of deep, groovy Skrillex. The short story has its tribulations and triumphs, and it will undoubtedly have you holding your breath until the very end.

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