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Skrillex – Ragga Bomb (Teddy Killerz Remix)

Skrillex’s debut full-length record Recess held together multiple genres all marked by a recognizable Skrillex touch, as he showed off his takes on everything from dubstep to dutch house, hip-hop to drum n’ bass. One of the more underrated cuts from the album, “Ragga Bomb” weaves together grimy Jamaican patois and thundering drum n’ bass layering to make for powerful crowd-pleaser. Now, Russian OWSLA-nauts Teddy Killerz have stepped up to give “Ragga Bomb” a proper drum n’ bass makeover, one-upping the original with a jolting kick.

The remix takes the heavily distorted patois that Skrillex is known for to a new level, allowing the low-end vibrations to nearly swallow the vocals before a brief loop introduces the break. Rolling kicks bring about a crashing low-end assault, marked by intricately created, explosive drum programming. The pulverizing, up-tempo remix leaves the evident Skrillex shell around the rework, but the duo fills in the blanks with electrifying, bass-riddled breaks for a perfect meshing of the two styles.

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