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Spencer Brown unleashes ‘Jaboom’ vocal mash ahead of EP on ICONS

Over the past year, Spencer Brown debuted his act to the US market through a variety of wild shows with label-mates Cazzette. As Cazzette soared to new heights with the hit “Sleepless,” the Dallas-native was honing his craft, perfecting his sound, and taking tips from some of the world’s finest talent while preparing the follow-up to his debut original release, the Chalice / Double Down EP . As the globe only begins to recognize the fresh progressive talent and innate potential that Brown brings to the scene, the producer is ready to initiate the next step in his career.

As details regarding Spencer Brown’s future releases are slowly revealed, it becomes evident that his artistic vision is suited for the long haul; “Jaboom” and “Mirek,” the two tracks that will make up the DJ’s next release, have been in Brown’s arsenal since the beginning of his professional career. In order to officially debut “Jaboom,” Spencer Brown took to Soundcloud and released the “vocal mash” of the track, combining the original production with Cazzette’s “Blind Heart” vocals. Certainly paying a homage to those that enabled him to climb to new heights as a producer, “Jaboom,” along with “Mirek,” perfectly represent what ICONS and PRMD, the official supporters of Brown’s next release, stand for.

While the original mix of the track reaches beyond the nine (yes, nine) minute mark, the radio edit is suitable for a shorter taste of Brown’s progressive sound.

Release Date: November 24th

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