Spotify meet Tidal, a new music streaming service that promises higher quality soundTidal Webplayer 650

Spotify meet Tidal, a new music streaming service that promises higher quality sound

Streaming music platforms are slowly and steadily taking over iTunes’ territory, with Spotify, Beats Music, Pandora and 8tracks just to name a few. As the trend takes over, companies now more than ever are looking to get in on the action, each offering something different than the next. Advertising-free subscriptions, curated and downloadable playlists (some, even mood-based) and suggestions from your friends or DJs’ personal favorites are just some features that these platforms can offer music lovers worldwide.

And now, a company called Aspiro, hailing from Scandinavia, has introduced the latest streaming service.¬†They’re calling it Tidal, and it just hit the States and UK this past weekend. You might be wondering, what’s Tidal’s claim to fame? The new kid on the block boasts high definition sound that’s unlike anything else on the market, with FLAC and ALAC formatted songs that’ll blow away your MP3 collection. As of today, Tidal is available on iOS and Android devices at $20 a month.

A partnership with Sonos may be just what the new service needs to gain traction. Then again, this isn’t the first time the US market has seen high-definition streaming services. Deezer Elite offers a similar service at the same price, and was just brought to American consumers in September.

With that in mind, we’re curious to hear what you guys think; do we have the next Spotify on our hands, or will Tidal come and go?

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