Stereosonic Festival set times and maps announcedStereo

Stereosonic Festival set times and maps announced

Four days before the action begins down under, Totem OneLove Group has finally released the set times and maps for the festival. The best part is, the website makes it extremely easy for attendees to plan their Stereosonic course of action. On the set times page, users are prompted to select their city before being redirected to a nicely laid out timetable specific to their festival location. Everything is listed in military time and color-coded according to stage location.

The map is also as fun to read as it is useful, and includes a handy dandy map key that identifies where to find everything, from water and merchandise to ATMs and sunscreen. There are even designated zones for help and “head space.” How’s that for efficiency?

Download the complete set schedule and festival map for your specific city here.

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