Steve Angello wants dues paid back to the club, finds LiFE beyond the festival circuitSteve Angello 5

Steve Angello wants dues paid back to the club, finds LiFE beyond the festival circuit

Steve Angello doesn’t believe that the industry is paying its dues to the playground that fostered its very existence: the club.

It may seem like a strange sentiment from the man whose role as one-third of Swedish House Mafia invariably took electronic music to some of its biggest venues to date, but the Size Records head honcho spoke candidly with Mixmag about the state of the festival circuit and its burgeoning waistline stateside.

Having recently announced a new residency at SLS Las Vegas’s LiFE, the Swedish heavyweight revealed that he is channelling both his own career and those of the Size Records family back towards the club floor. True to the tech favoring tone of his recent Resident show for BBC Radio One and paired with his early influential contributions to European house music, Angello spoke nostalgically of the natural selection that heyday club culture inspired, something apparently lacking within the modern industry.

He told Mixmag: “I miss the culture. Everything has become so festival-driven now. It’s fucking retarded. You’re seeing all this new talent coming through but no one has to go through the club scene.”

Amid recollection of his earlier days scaling Europe’s smaller rooms with the likes of Eric Prydz, Angello emphasised the need for artists to prove their keep on the club floor, pointing to the saturated festival circuit as a flawed entry point for young artists claiming their stake in the modern industry.

He added: “(In America) they’re trying to get licenses for 600 dance festivals next year. The things that people are planning to do next year might destroy the whole scene in America.”

In spite of his impending album campaign (minus Columbia) and a fierce demand for his festival sets, all signs point to Angello turning the precedent set by Swedish House Mafia in reverse for 2015 and beyond.

Source: Mixmag 

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