Taxpayers may have to pay for Jay Z’s Made in America festivalMade

Taxpayers may have to pay for Jay Z’s Made in America festival

To carefree teenage Hova fans and party-goers still living at home, Jay Z’s ‘Made in America’ music festival was the best idea ever. This summer marked the two-day festival’s first expansion to the West Coast, and welcomed over 37,000 thousand people on the second day alone. The Los Angeles festival, which featured acts such as John Mayer, Kanye West, Imagine Dragons Kendrick Lamar, ran up a tab of about $670,000. LiveNation will have to pay approximately 75% of that amount. The remaining $170,000 in expenses, however, may fall on the city of Los Angeles.

So maybe it wasn’t the best idea ever, at least not for independent working individuals who actually have to worry about things like paying their taxes. Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti maintains that the benefits provided by the festival far exceeded any expenses. If you’re wondering what those benefits were, according the Mayor Garcetti the festival showed L.A. was capable of hosting a massive outdoor concert.

At least everybody who might be shelling out additional tax money to pay for the festival can rest assured knowing it was all for a worthy cause: making sure the world knows Los Angeles can hang.

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