Techno pioneer Juan Atkins announces new albumTechno Pioneer Juan Atkins Announces New Album

Techno pioneer Juan Atkins announces new album

As one of the founding fathers of Detroit’s techno scene, Juan Atkins’ resume trumps that of most electronic music staples. Having multiple aliases under his production umbrella which span even more full lengths albums, the techno pioneer has announced his first album in 16 years under his Model 500 moniker. Entitled “Digital Solutions” and slated for release sometime in January of 2015 on Juan Atikins’ own Metroplex imprint, the long-player will be released as the follow-up to 2010’s “OFI / Huesca” EP.


1. Encounter
2. Electric Night
3. Hi NRG
4. Standing In Tomorrow
5. Station
6. Storm
7. The Groove
8. Control
9. Digital Solutions

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