The Cityfox Experience: A Life and Death Halloween showcaseUnnamed 2

The Cityfox Experience: A Life and Death Halloween showcase

Long Island City, NY: At 1:40pm on Halloween, Cityfox had finally revealed the secret location for its “A Life and Death Halloween Showcase,” to commence in just eight hours time. Within minutes, thousands of guests who had clicked “attending” via the event’s Facebook page perused Google maps to establish their travel and pre-game plans, a handful of Cityfox veterans stunned that the undisclosed venue was not in the heart of Brooklyn, as is tradition.

Cityfox, the Zurich-based label, along with Listed Productions, hosted their inaugural event in Manhattan in November 2012. It wouldn’t be far from the truth to make the grandiose claim that on that day, New York City nightlife began to evolve into something much more than a night out at Manhattan’s poshest clubs. 2012 became the year that electronic music enthusiasts seeking a grander, more worldly experience submerged in the realms of house, deep house and tech house,  and in doing so discovered their new sanctuary.

Two years in the making, Cityfox continues to devise sweeping pop-up events that draw in thousands from up and down the coast. The team, along with the help of Projektil, earned its mark in New York by delivering the quality of a superclub with the sensibilities of a warehouse affair. Guests are not only invited, but encouraged, to come as they are and act as they feel, so long as this encompasses maturity, an open mind and utmost respect for others.

As a first-timer, it was difficult not to fully commit after having heard countless stories of positive experiences at past Cityfox events, with its September soiree playing host to tastemakers Maceo Plex, Ten Walls, and David August. “A Life and Death Halloween Showcase,” as the name suggests, boasted a robust lineup of Life and Death veterans Tale of UsMind Against, Thugfucker and Somne – each of whom played sets longer than your typical headliner at a club or arena. Though tickets were somewhat steep, weighing in between $45 and $80 depending on how soon you won your battle with indecisiveness, “Life and Death” was well worth the additional expense. From 10:30pm on Halloween night until well past 8am the following morning, we arrived in costume ready to dance and to allow the music to take over.

Stepping foot inside the building’s brightly-lit hallway, it was impossible not to notice the dozens of Halal food trucks parked toward the back of the room – further validating the property’s identity as a true New York warehouse. White wristbands reading “I intend to live forever, or DIE trying” were tightly secured to our wrists, only making our presence seem that much more real. Despite being advertised as smaller than its previous event, it was evident even before entering the main room that Cityfox’s Halloween showcase had still attracted a healthy amount of revelers.

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Among those in attendance varied from Daft Punk lookalikes to tribal princesses; each costume emanated intimate stories of every individual, serving as a visual narration of what enticed them about Cityfox to begin with. Vehement electronic connoisseurs were in it for the bill while others, perhaps newbies to the scene, found themselves intrigued by the promise of a one-of-a-kind experience. And then there were those in the middle – those who have shown face at previous Cityfox events and could not possibly imagine themselves surrounded by any other community. Regardless of intent, these are the people that have believed in the party since its inception and have encouraged its considerable expansion in the last two years.

Somne provided opening sounds as attendees began to seep in around 10:30, seamlessly transitioning into Mind Against, Tale of Us and Thugfucker as the evening progressed; meanwhile, ghostly patchworks of instrumentals infiltrated the room as Fur Coat’s “U Turn” and Tale of Us’ remix of “Can’t Do Without You” set the tone for an impeccably eerie night. Above the crowd hung Cityfox’s signature disco ball, sandwiched between LED panels draped to the ceiling and a healthy spattering of spotlights, lasers and strobes that hit every corner of the space. But beyond the large-scale main room lay even more surprises for the curious; two additional rooms carefully tucked away off to the side were also fair game for lounging – one that housed a “kaleidoscopic mystic photobox” and the other a resting ground for cuddle puddles to form.

It is elements such as the KV2 sound system, the mastering of 3D projection mapping and the ability to transform even the grungiest of warehouses into an ethereal palace, that compose the Cityfox experience. Beneath the surface of scintillating apparel lies more than just an excuse to party with your friends; Cityfox is a gathering of artful souls and house mavens curating an environment where in they can see, hear and feel the music through vivid light installations and pulsating grooves. We dive into a universe where the fictional and intangible develop into the real and palpable, and though intimidating at first, we eventually find our niche and keep on swimming.

Cityfox’s next event will be held on December 20th featuring Solomun, Adriatique, David August and more. Click here to purchase tickets.

Photo Credit: Anya White

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