A-Trak discusses #REALDJing, the craft, and celebrity cash-insA Trak Press

A-Trak discusses #REALDJing, the craft, and celebrity cash-ins

“I’m not gonna say she’s a good DJ, the clips I’ve seen speak for themselves.”

A-Trak sat down with VladTV to discuss what it means to be a DJ and how technology has drastically changed the definition of “DJing” over the course of the past decade. A world-renowned turntablist himself, A-Trak supports a more traditional style of the artform but doesn’t degrade those who operate in different lanes.  A man who is more passionate about his craft and not petty drama, A-Trak takes the high road when asked the hot button question about celebrity DJs — specifically Paris Hilton and Solange Knowles — and answers in a zen like fashion;

“I think it’s important for the universe to balance out. As long as there’s guys on the other end that are keeping real DJ’ing alive, and fans can really choose what they want to see and hear [and] there’s an education process where people can tell the difference between the two then that’s all that matters to me.”