WAVO’s Top EDM Tracks of OctoberWavo Da October

WAVO’s Top EDM Tracks of October

We shared our picks for the Top 10 tracks of October and now its time to share yours. Teaming up with WAVO.me has provided our fans the opportunity to share and expose their favorite tracks of the moment, without basing the metric on something as frivolous as padded sales numbers. This month sees Barely Alive take top honors, joined by Juventa, Torro Torro, 3Lau, Gryffin and Hotel Garuda and more. Take a listen to what your peers have discovered — This is the power of the crowd at work.

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1. Barely Alive – Ichabod
2. Juventa – Superhuman
3. D.O.D. – Aerodynamic
4. Life of the Party (Kayliox Remix)
5. Venice – Your Own
6. Torro Torro – Back 2 Front
7. Paris & Simo – Zombie (3LAU Edit)
8. Chainsmokers – Kanye (K-TRON Edit)
9. Moiez Feat. Larcy – Illusions
10. Banks – Beggin for Thread (Gryffin and Hotel Garuda Remix)


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