Weekend Rewind: Sonique takes us high with ‘It Feels So Good’Sonique It Feels So Good

Weekend Rewind: Sonique takes us high with ‘It Feels So Good’

Almost nothing spices up a truly engaging DJ set as much as an instantly recognizable throwback gem or two. Sonique’s “It Feels So Good” is one of these special, turn-of-the-millennium dance records that still grabs mass attention, causing crowds to cheer in nostalgia and prompts others to casually shazam in order to remember. The British singer, musician and DJ initially released “It Feels So Good” in November of 1998, only to be met with dissatisfying domestic results. But luckily, the song’s now-legendary vocal hook combined with its mesmerizing synth progressions and grooving percussion took two years to finally catch on. Re-releasing the dance-breakbeat hybrid in 2000, comprised in her debut album Hear My Cry, proved to be pivitol for Sonique’s career, as she claimed the #1 spot for three consecutive weeks – the first British female artist to do so since Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights” in 1978. The record continued to prosper, becoming the UK’s third-biggest selling single that year while successfully crossing over at an international level.

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