Zedd teams up with ABSOLUT for MAGIC! ‘Rude’ remix videoZedd Ezoo 2014

Zedd teams up with ABSOLUT for MAGIC! ‘Rude’ remix video

Brand sponsorships and product placement in music videos is becoming borderline obnoxious. Take Zedd’s latest music video for his remix of MAGIC!’s “Rude.” The track itself should be the focal point here, but instead the entire video may as well be an ad for ABSOLUT with a dope Zedd remix playing in the background. Filmed during an ABSOLUT-sponsored party back in September, the video follows a group of millennials (TARGET MARKET!) as they enjoy the aforementioned vodka and a set from Zedd during what was dubbed by savvy brand manager’s as “the most exciting club in the world.”

While we fully support Zedd maximizing his profitability in the current climate of the music industry, we can’t help but feel dirty that what was once a medium for artistic expression is now just another place where brands try to sell us crap. Sorry, we’re not buying.

But at least it’s not an Usher track in a box of Honey Nut Cheerios.