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Axwell Λ Ingrosso unveil new Pusha T collaboration ‘This Time We Can’t Go Home’

Axwell and Ingrosso spent 30 minutes with the famed Pete Tong to discuss their partnership and upcoming album. Following the final Swedish House Mafia show at Ultra Music Festival, Axwell and Ingrosso dropped a symbol between their names and reunited as the new superduo, immediately hitting the studio. “Making the music is different [as a duo], but it’s still us,” the pair explain.

The album project is something they’d been considering even during the hectic SHM days; “The album thing is a big project and SHM was moving too fast. […] after it ended we thought we actually might find the time to finish an album now.” The work on their debut started in LA but both producers’ didn’t feel a connection to the city, so they headed back to Sweden to continue their work. “We need our darkness, we need our rain, LA didn’t work out for us creatively.”

The album itself is still not quite finished, but progress is steady, tapping guys like John Martin, Salem Al Fakir, and Vincent Pontare as part of their creative family. “When we started out we wanted to keep it ‘uncollaborative’ — just make an album that is just me and Seb,” Axwell told Pete, “but we couldn’t help ourselves so we got Pusha T on the rap.”

The resulting track, called “This Time We Can’t Go Home,” is a sister song to “Something New” and samples their own song to create the instrumental frame for Pusha T’s spitfire verses. Listen to the premiere at the 23:30 mark.

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