Baauer releases new song ‘Zales’ as part of LuckyMe’s Advent CalendarBaauer At Webster Hall

Baauer releases new song ‘Zales’ as part of LuckyMe’s Advent Calendar

Months ago, trap fans worldwide were left scratching their heads and wondering where the man who popularized the “Harlem Shake” sound had gone. As the trap genre permeated through electronic and festival culture, Baauer took a back seat as he honed his sound. Finally, however, beginning with cryptic releases on his site and eventually leading to a full extended play, the trap pioneer flooded the market once more with his signature style and meticulously sampled productions.

Continuing the streak with “Zales,” Baauer pushes forward with his next release in collaboration with label LuckyMe, which distributes music for free yearly through its festive Advent Calendar. “Zales” appropriately captures the unusual style of Baauer’s productions, surely perpetuating his reputation as a master of the craft.

While the track is available for free download, LuckyMe has decided to link with Marie Curie Cancer Care in honor of the late Robbie Cooper. LuckyMe, along with Dancing Astronaut, encourages listeners to donate to the cause in exchange for the massive amount of available music.

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