Carl Cox officially endorses Native Instruments’ Traktor S8Carl Co Rome

Carl Cox officially endorses Native Instruments’ Traktor S8

Native Instruments is known for being one of the leading innovators in the digital DJing space. Their latest piece of equipment is the Traktor Kontrol S8,  an all-in-one MIDI controller and the evolution to their previous mixing staple, the Traktor S4. We recently reviewed the new unit, finding it to be the perfect solution for artists interested in the future of digital DJing. One of the biggest questions lingering on our minds, however, was which DJs we would see adopting the controller into their setup.

Carl Cox has long been a proponent of Traktor, and now he is the face of Native Instruments’ campaign, “The Future of DJing.” In the short S8 promo video, Cox discusses his philosophy on DJing: “I know I can mix two records together well,” he says. “That’s what I grew up doing. I want to know what I can create outside of that box.”

Carl uses the setup by employing the S8 as a mixing console and hooking up two CDJs to the unit. This gives him his beloved four-deck flexibility while also opening the door for two remix decks, which Cox refers to as his favorite feature of the new controller. In his words, it’s the “best of both worlds,” combining a traditional CDJ format with Native Instruments’ forward thinking technology.

Ultimately, the setup speaks to Cox’s desire to shake complacency: “I still want to be working,” he says. “I still want to be sweating, and riding the groove on the seat of my pants. That’s the thing that makes me who I am. I need to be challenged still.”

It remains to be seen what other DJs will incorporate the Traktor S8 into their setup, but with Carl Cox leading the charge, Native Instruments has found a more than promising flag bearer.

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