Dancing Astronaut x Wavo Present: LaunchpadWavo Da Launchpad

Dancing Astronaut x Wavo Present: Launchpad

Here at Dancing Astronaut our mission has always been to bring you the freshest dance music in the galaxy. In effort to both bring you the best of the best and uncover the next big thing, we are very excited to announce our latest project: Dancing Astronaut has officially partnered with Wavo to bring our avid producer fans the opportunity of a lifetime.

Welcome to Launchpad.

Wavo’s online music discovery platform, where creative modern music fans can connect and engage with one another, perfectly aligns with the Dancing Astronaut ethos. Wavo is a thriving community of fans, aspiring artists, and industry personalities working together to discover and surface new music and talent. Together we want to bring submissions from emerging artists and fans to the masses. Calling all budding producers: here is your chance to be featured on Dancing Astronaut, receive keen feedback from key industry tastemakers and heavy-hitters, and win top-notch gear from partners such as Ableton, Pioneer, Serato, and many more.

Here’s how it works: submit your original demo or remix on Wavo, and have your friends and supporters “heart” and share your music to help push it to trend on Wavo’s interactive chart. Throughout the month, we’ll be surfing through submissions and reppin’ what’s caught our attention by featuring them on the Wavo and Dancing Astronaut Dance Collection, a list with over 100,000 active followers. Every month, we will choose the top five cuts and spotlight each up-and-coming artist in a reoccurring Dancing Astronaut feature.

Dancing Astronaut and Wavo together are offering a promo code for interested artists to sign up for two free months of Wavo Pro. With Wavo Pro, emerging producers receive unlimited track uploads directly to Wavo and a set of critical tools like ‘Follow on Soundcloud’ and ‘Share to Download’ gates to help build an audience for your music. We’re looking forward to giving our seal of Dancing Astronaut support and do what we can to help you become the next big thing.

For a full detail of the rules and regulations, head over to Wavo’s new Launchpad page and get started. With 2014 in the books and a new year right around the corner, it’s time for you to leave the bedroom producer life behind and become the next big name in dance music.

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