DA’s SnowGlobe Survival GuideSnowglobe Guide

DA’s SnowGlobe Survival Guide

South Lake Tahoe is hosting its fourth annual SnowGlobe festival this year, bringing some of the hottest acts of the year to one of the coolest festival settings in the world. SnowGlobe’s unique venue provides a crisp, refreshing mountain breeze across three days of music and lights making for one of the more remarkable New Year’s festival experiences out there. There are few ways to better commemorate a wonderful year, so we are setting out to the party in the pines of Tahoe. Now, as we prepare to bundle up and head out to the Nevada/California divide for this year’s edition of the festival, we give you our top six survival tips for for SnowGlobe 2014.

1. Layer up – The name says it all. SnowGlobe is going to be cold, you didn’t need us to tell you that. But what some first time attendees may not know, is that SnowGlobe has been known to heat up fast. It can go from 0-100 (degrees fahrenheit) real quick. With Bro Safari, Anna Lunoe, Justin Martin, and What So Not all throwing down tent sets over the course of the three-day festival, you can imagine things will likely get pretty sweaty. Layering is critical. Attendees are going to want to strip off hefty overcoats and and keep just warm enough in the crowds. And if you really want to bring your A-game, make sure your gloves have finger-holes for optimal social media usage between sets. First and foremost, keep yourself warm, but keep in mind that Sierra Tent and Igloo sets are going to be intimate, steamy affairs.

2. Save some steam for the after parties – SnowGlobe is packing a ton of music into the last three days of the year, but once the festival ends each night, the party doesn’t stop. SnowGlobe is featuring nine stacked lineups for after parties each night following the festival. Choose between intimate sets by Party Favor, Branchez, Odesza, Tincup, Trippy Turtle, and a handful of others following the festival each night. One of the most unique attractions SnowGlobe offers though, is the after parties each night aboard the MS Dixie. The cruising vessel will take fans on the lake for two of the nights for after-hours sets by Justin Martin, Aeroplane, and Snakehips among others, gliding through calm, moonlit waters. An opportunity to cap off each night of the festival with a breath of fresh air, plus the chance to rub shoulders with some of the acts on the New Year’s lineup is definitely worth saving some of your energy for.

3. Stop and smell the roses – South Lake Tahoe has a lot to offer, and the three days of SnowGlobe are about to be pretty hectic at the end of the year. Between the wide list of can’t miss acts on this year’s lineup, and a packed schedule of after-hours activities, fans should be sure to take a minute here and there to enjoy the festival’s unmatched setting. You’d be doing yourself a favor by taking advantage of the festival’s extremely close proximity to outdoor recreational activities, bustling hotels and casinos (where you just may run into your favorite acts), and some of the country’s most beautiful scenery. The festival also features some amazing artwork installations about the beautiful festival grounds. Overall though, make some time to hit the lake if you can; it is a special place to see, and it only enhances the overall 3-day experience that much more.

4. Try something new – This year’s lineup is one of SnowGlobe’s best rosters to date. The bill features a huge cast of acts, ranging from some of dance music’s biggest names to emerging artists that definitely should be on your radar. With that in mind, step out of your comfort zone this year at the festival and check out an act you haven’t caught on to yet. Acts like Anna Lunoe, Cherub, Phantogram and Bones, who aren’t on every lineup out there, will be putting on stellar performances in Tahoe next week, and are absolutely worth a gander. Wildcard acts like hip-hop veteran Atmosphere and a special unannounced guest should also be in your back pocket, as they will likely deliver some refreshing diversity. Step out of your comfort zone at SnowGlobe; this festival is the place to do it.

 5. Stash your belongings safely – This year, SnowGlobe is offering reservable charging lockers for attendees at the festival. Between keeping yourself bundled up warm and scheduling out your game plan to catch all the must-see sets, attendees have to be sharp with a plan of attack. Knowing all of your stuff is as safe as it can be will make for some good peace of mind while you enjoy SnowGlobe. Reserve a locker and make sure your phone, wallet and other important effects are stowed safely. You’ll be happy you did.

 6. Soak it in – SnowGlobe is a remarkable experience. The festival is tucked between a mountain and a lake, with pine trees scattered all throughout the beautiful grounds, making a festival environment that is unmatched by any other. The talent is a wide variety of live and electronic performers, ranging from some of the year’s most sought-after acts, to some of dance music’s most promising future talents. Art, music, lights, food, and nature all come together to make for an incredible experience that is hard to replicate anywhere else. Take a few moments over the course of the festival and appreciate the concentrated beauty of SnowGlobe. It is a sublimity seldom found at other events, and it will make you want to come back year after year.