Feed Me announces dates for new EP and Spor albumFeed Me

Feed Me announces dates for new EP and Spor album

Jon Gooch has stirred up a lot of anticipation around the forthcoming releases from his two aliases, Feed Me and Spor. Back in October, he made a brief announcement on Twitter that he was mastering his twelve track Spor album. Aside from that, however, details have been sparse. Not to mention it has been over two years since the last release from Spor.

Some — not all — of the brooding anticipation amongst fans was settled yesterday though. Gooch announced on Twitter that his new Feed Me EP will be released on February 1. Meanwhile he announced the long-awaited release date for  Spor album: March 1. On top of all that, a Spor remix of The Prodigy is hot off the press. Leave it to Feed Me to reveal the release dates of projects that fans have been patiently waiting for and then leave another cryptic message about another remix.

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