Festival after movies grow in budget and impact for major event marketingTomorrowland 2014 Day1 25

Festival after movies grow in budget and impact for major event marketing

Though fall and winter mark the full onset of post-festival season lull in North America and Europe, several prominent behind-the-scenes figures work diligently to keep the momentum alive and going for events to come. Namely, the business of after movies – films anywhere from 3 minutes to an hour usually hosted on YouTube and blasted to the anxious fan base by popular festival brands like Tomorrowland, Electric Zoo, and Electric Daisy Carnival.

Deemed by Billboard as “festivals’ biggest ticket-sales tactic,” standouts like Final Kid – responsible for producing Ultra Music Festival’s lust-worthy after films – explain that the recap videos are “the best way to get all eyes back on your festival.” The films, typically littered with slow-motion scenes of elated jumping festival goers, gorgeous girls sitting atop anonymous shoulders and the signature hands-up-in-the-air DJ shot with fireworks billowing around them, are estimated to cost anywhere from $65,000 to just under $100,000 on average.

Justin Nizer of Eyewax Films, a company that specializes in festival films for both festivals (EDC, Electric Forest, The Day After Festival, and more) and individual artists (Kaskade, Zedd, and Porter Robinson, to name a few), explains the increase in attention to after movies:

“These films really affect the way people interact with artists and events. People watch videos and see what other people are wearing, what they’re carrying, and how they dance and when they go to festivals they mimic what they have watched. As organizers find that films are selling tickets, budgets are being diverted in to media that has lasting value for them versus a name or two on a festival lineup. Budgets go up and filmmakers get tools there were pretty inaccessible to guys like us four or five years ago and the films get better and better.”

The concept was ignited by Tomorrowland’s 2012 post-film and remains a time-honored tradition that follows almost every major festival around the world. 2013’s EDC took the after film to the next level by producing Under the Electric Sky, a feature-length film documentary that received a theater debut and cost over $4 million to create. As for the future of after films, Nizer concludes, “This genre has evolved in to it’s own artform. In the future, when people talk about the music of our generation, I believe they will also be talking about the films we are making now.”

Via: Billboard


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