Leak indicates Flying Lotus on the Coachella lineupFlying Lotus

Leak indicates Flying Lotus on the Coachella lineup

Coachella anticipation season is officially in full swing.

After releasing a gorgeous aftermovie from last year’s festival, the internet quickly turned its focus towards the never-ending speculation that is Coachella’s star-studded lineup. Year after year internet detectives the world over speculate and debate what acts will appear on the masthead for the biggest festival in the United States. Conspiracy theories abound, the months leading up to the festival are riddled with leaks and cryptic hints. Gaps in artist’s touring schedule, deleted concert listings, and accidental slip ups fuel the fire of anticipation surrounding the potential performers.

One of the first official leaks of the year comes at the hand of ChoiceCuts, a Dublin-based promoter who revealed that Flying Lotus had “unavoidable commitments in America” before commenting that “he is playing Coachella, hence the whole tour is pushed back.”

The post has since been removed but can be found in its entirety below:

Leak indicates Flying Lotus on the Coachella lineupFly Lo Coachella


Via: Reddit