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Füchse Feat. Patrice & Humphrey Sitima – Left To Waste (Original Mix)

Füchse is a new name on the British circuit, but the fresh-faced duo has landed on the cusp of a commercial revolution for the modern house market. Capping 2014 with a debut solo effort for Hed Kandi/Ministry of Sound, Patrice and Humphrey Sitima join the ranks for one of the collectives’ first dominant attempts at breaching the underdog ranks and wooing the wider market. Their simple yet robust fusion of alternative pop instrumentation with a solid house twist finds a solid ground within “Left To Waste,” giving the rising duo yet more weight on the British circuit for their year of positive entry. Pop and house music are becoming increasingly intertwined and Füchse sounds like everything right with that equation.

Release Date: January 5

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