Jaydee – Dance With Me (Mix 1)JaydeeDWM

Jaydee – Dance With Me (Mix 1)

Robin Albers first hit radars in 1992 with “Plastic Dreams,” a track that quickly garnered cult stature for the Dutch producer and renowned national turntablist. Enroute to 2015, Spinnin’ Records have brought the sparing national gem out of retirement, inaugurating Jaydee onto SPRS with a brand new double-sided take on a rare and wonderful A-side.

The dual forms in which “Dance With Me” are presented point to two crucially scoped sides of the industry coin right now. Whilst Mix 2’s version opts for a chunkier and more groove induced take on the track, it is Mix 1’s balance of hypnotic techno tendencies and ruthless beat work that truly hit it home for the sparing Dutchman. SPRS have been pleasantly surprising the aural senses throughout 2014, but Jaydee’s latest packs an unprecedented punch into the label’s agenda in the final moments of the year.

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