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First ever Kraftwerk conference to take place in 2015

Birmingham, England will play host to the first international academic conference on legendary musicians Kraftwerk and the birth of electronic music in Germany. Starting in January, the conference will take place over two days and discuss a variety of topics from cycling, to the historical influence of machines, to a discussion on the socio-historical perspectives on techno. The newly announced conference kicks 2015 off to a historic start after a year in which the group was nominated into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Check out the full conference schedule below and register for the event here.

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

9.00 Registration

9.15 Welcome

9.30 Mallinder, Stephen (Brighton): Kraftwerk: Modernity and Movement

10.15 Pattie, David (Chester): Ralf und Florian, Krautrock and Germany

11.00 Adelt, Ulrich (Wyoming): Moving Up: Kraftwerk and kosmische Musik

11.45 Stevenson, Nick (Nottingham): Cabaret Voltaire and Dada Modernity

12.30 Concluding discussion

13.00 Lunch

14.15 Schiller, Melanie (Groningen): Fun Fun Fun on the Autobahn: Kraftwerk Challenging Germanness

15.00 Rietveld, Hillegonda (London): Europe Endless: Geopolitical Retro-futurism?

15.45 Schütte, Uwe (Aston): We Are the Robots! On the Cultural-Historical Origins of the Man-Machine

16.30 Concluding discussion

17.00 Launch of Midlands German Network (optional)

18.00 Buffet (MGN)

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

9.00 Springer, Johannes (Osnabrück): Kraftwerk and the Cultural Studies of Cycling

9.45 Monroe, Alexei (London): Trans-Slovene Expressions: Kraftwerk on the Sunny Side of the Alps

10.30 Stubbs, David (London): The Archaeological Years: Kraftwerk before Autobahn

11.15 Tea/Coffee break

11.30 Deisl, Heinrich (Vienna): Searching for Modernity: Socio-historical perspec-tives on techno music and »das Deutsche«. (Kraftwerk – Wolfgang Voigt – Dop-plereffekt)

12.15 Harden, Alexander (Surrey): Kraftwerk and the Issue of Post-Human Authen-ticity

13.00 Lunch

14.15 Grönholm, Pertti (Turku): Nostalgia For The Modern. Re-Imagining the Past Futures in the Concept of Kraftwerk

15.00 Albiez, Sean (Southampton): Kraftwerk in the context of the 20th century European avant-garde

16.00 Concluding discussion

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