Laura Jones – Eskipade EPLaura

Laura Jones – Eskipade EP

After a long and hot Ibizan summer, UK native and DC10 resident Laura Jones returned to Visionquest with her second EP for the label. Titled Eskipade, the three-track EP adds a darker and deeper aspect to Jone’s catalog. One music critic dubbed the work “the sound of her stepping into new shoes”, and rightly so. A departure from her usual melody-centric sound, Eskipade explores a more minimal and more mature side of techno. According to Jones, they are “a bit more stripped back and raw. A bit more rave ready and underground and inspired by all the records I’ve been buying over the years.”

Jones says she wanted to avoid “churning out the same thing over and over again” and is more interested in evolving her sound as an artist.

“I’d rather keep moving forward than stay on the same page,” she said.

On the EP, the title track “Eskipade” and its following number “Crux” carry a more acid feel to them. “Eskipade” leads on round and bouncy percussion, while “Crux” comes across as a more frenetic and futuristic exploration of wild and zany sound effects. The final track on the EP is a remix of “Eskipade” by Swedish producer OCH that ups the bass line and gives the tune a more big-room techno feel.

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