Marino Canal – Percolate EPPercolate

Marino Canal – Percolate EP

Nicole Moudaber‘s MOOD imprint is known for its minimal chic attitude, and Marino Canal’s latest release on the label fits the bill perfectly. The Spanish DJ and producer has left his mark on some of the most legendary dance floors in the world, including Fabric London, with his talent for flawless song structure and his knack for creating textured, artisan sounds. For those unfamiliar with his catalog, the Percolate EP is a gorgeous example of that one-of-a-kind organic character. Taught and rigid, the title track does exactly what it’s name implies: it percolates from beginning to end, mounting to a frenzy only to ebb back into it’s strict rhythmic groove pattern. Alternately, ‘Can’t Feel’ takes a softer, deeper route to the rooftop lounge; lofty, clean and elegant, it rides and shimmers confidently on a strong, bouncing bass line.

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