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Michael Calfan – Treasured Soul (Original Mix)

Parisian big room stalwart Michael Calfan has done it his way to date. From early Axtone hits “Resurrection” to 2014’s “Prelude,” his sparing output of originals paired with a knack for out-the-box remixes has made him a rare and wonderful example of European stamina in a globally facing market. Now, strike two for Spinnin sees the mighty key master step away from his familiar hallmarks, opening himself to modern times to cap off another fine year of melodic club work.

Resurrection is an apt theme for “Treasured Soul,” a track that straddles the boundaries between his own key driven big room sound and the tropical hallmarks made wildly popular throughout 2014. His production values and composure can not be flawed, but you could forgive fans for finding this to be a step too close to the status quo from an artist who has otherwise dominated his sound scope to date. “Treasured Soul” isn’t the Michael Calfan we met several years ago, but it is an indicator that the Parisian talent is moving with the times and doing so with indisputable musical panache.

Release Date: December 8

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