Milo & Otis invade Triple J for an exclusive mixEzoo 2014 Day 3 20

Milo & Otis invade Triple J for an exclusive mix

As the trap sound worldwide expands in both its geographical reach and variation in style of production, Milo & Otis have stood at the forefront of the movement, providing hip-hop beats with heavy electro flavor and a taste of what can only be referred to as the signature style of Killagraham and DJ Nymz. Taking advantage of the opportunity to connect with an audience down under, the duo laid down a set that is riddled with fresh edits and previously unheard music that gives the listener an idea as to exactly what the Milo & Otis movement is all about. As the duo continue to rock shows across the globe and spread the trap arms movement to those that were previously reluctant to the sound, Milo & Otis are no longer held by the bounds of any qualifications when speaking on their music.

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