Nezzo remixes Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘The Hanging Tree’Nezht

Nezzo remixes Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘The Hanging Tree’

Jennifer Lawrence found herself among musicians on the iTunes charts this season after her singing scene in the newest Hunger Games film caught on universally. “The Hanging Tree” derives from Mockingjay’s Katniss Everdeen (played by Lawrence) singing a delicate acapella that escalates to become the backdrop of the revolution she begins.

Made for film, the vocals are backed by score performance by James Newton Howard. Where does electronic music fit into all this? Nothing.

Nezzo, however, would say otherwise, as he’s plucked the singing bits for sampling of his latest production. Up to par by standard set with recent work such as a remix of “Gold Skies,” Nezzo offers a formidable holiday giveaway — although the Jennifer Lawrence cameo feels contrived, the track excels where it’s less prominent.

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