Nobody at Stereosonic had as much fun as Steve Aoki’s dopplegangerAoki Press

Nobody at Stereosonic had as much fun as Steve Aoki’s doppleganger

Australia’s premier traveling festival circuit, Stereosonic, is known to be one of the rowdiest weekend shakedowns in the world. The Sydney edition, which took place this past weekend featured a heavy rotation of headliners with Alesso and Skrillex leading the bill alongside ultimate party-man mayhem maker Steve Aoki.

One attendee, Jarrad Seng, saw a hilarious opportunity over the weekend and ran with it. Seng, who mildly resembles the cake-hurdling Dim Mak executive, put together a pretty commendable costume and spent three hours cruising the festival grounds posing as Steve. Watch as people are hilariously duped as they clamor over one another for Instagram pictures and Snapchats with your average festival-attending fella.

At one point, Seng even films himself in the middle of a crowd rocking out to…you guessed it…the actual Steve Aoki. Lo and behold, of course people are still fooled. With entire crowds of people saturated in champagne and covered in cake, its no surprise that most people can’t even tell what the real Steve Aoki looks like.

Check out the hilarious video above, and bravo to you, Jarrad Seng. You rock, and roll.

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