Premiere: E.A.S.Y. cut up A-Trak’s ‘Push’ in new routineEasy

Premiere: E.A.S.Y. cut up A-Trak’s ‘Push’ in new routine

Shiftee and Enferno formed E.A.S.Y. and flipped the SNL spoof featuring Andy Samberg into a fast-fingered controllerism routine that made even A-Trak blush.

Embodying both the #RealDJing and #AfterEDM conversations that A-Trak sparked — and with all three of them being DMC champions — it’s only natural that the Fool’s Gold leader would be one of the duo’s first supporters.

After their first ever release and live remix video as E.A.S.Y. started a craze on Twitter and inspired DJ Craze do to his New Slaves routine, E.A.S.Y. is back with an official remix + live remix video of A-Trak’s single “Push.”

E.A.S.Y.’s remix of A-Trak’s “Push” is out today via Fool’s Gold Records as a FREE DOWNLOAD. Grab it now!

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