Reports find ecstasy pills in the UK contain record high MDMA contentCrowdcontrol1

Reports find ecstasy pills in the UK contain record high MDMA content

In case indulgers needed more proof to be wary of ingesting drugs without a proper testing kit, new report results show that pills recently tested from the UK festival circuit contain up to 100mg of pure MDMA, which drug experts have diagnosed as “super strength” pills. Compared to 2009, when pills in circulation were thought to only be 20-30 mg, this jump in intensity is important for those who choose to take drugs.

Though buyers may be relieved to hear the drugs are relatively devoid of mystery adulterants, the ecstasy pills still remain extremely dangerous for those unaware of the strength of what they are taking. A regular or expected dosage for one-time use is 70-75mg and because of the current pills’ high MDMA percentage, experts recommend users take the pills in halves to avoid chances of overdose. It is strongly advised to purchase or use a reliable drug-testing kit and take ecstasy pills in portions of halves or quarters.

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