RL Grime takes us along for the Void Team’s final mission in video for ‘Valhalla’Rl Grime Void Album Artwork

RL Grime takes us along for the Void Team’s final mission in video for ‘Valhalla’

With the release of his introductory full-length record, RL Grime has changed the way trap music is defined, stretching the boundaries of what it can be in the process. Void has a story to tell as it takes the listener down into deep, dark, convoluted chasms of space and sound. Shrill sirens sound over hollow, crisp snare hits and sharp hi-hat rolls across 12 tracks as the album winds around a desolate, lifeless landscape.

Void is mysterious, adventurous, and chilling, with the album’s story culminating in the music video for “Valhalla.” The track is a collaborative effort alongside Djemba Djemba, featuring a booming, big room frame and stomping synth layers. The official video depicts gleaming, metallic war-copters, bomber jets and futuristic Humvee tanks all arriving at a huge crater in the middle of a sprawling desert expanse.

As all ammunition is fired directly at the crater, the final moments of the thrilling music video leave the viewer wanting more. A dark void energy is released by a mysterious carrier as mission control frantically tries to connect with the last remaining helicopter pilot after a devastating battle. Ultimately, perhaps it means RL Grime’s Void is just the beginning, and the story will continue to unfold.

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