Skrillex and Diplo dish on Jack Ü details, prepare for monumental NYE showJack U Hard Summer

Skrillex and Diplo dish on Jack Ü details, prepare for monumental NYE show

Jack Ü is everything the “EDM bubble” is not. The world-dominating side project is wildcard collaborations, hip-hop infused hell-raisers, and a never ending good time. Jack Ü is off-the-wall, strange, crazy sounds fueling boundless parties, where the only motive is keeping hands in the air and feet moving. And judging by the ruins left by Skrillex and Diplo everywhere between Miami and Los Angeles, whatever the secret to the pair’s approach is… it’s working. In a recent interview, the taste-making titans spilled some exciting details about their upcoming NYE show, where they will bring down the hallowed Madison Square Garden in impeccable year-ending fashion. And if 2014 was any indication as to what Wes and Sonny are capable of when they share the stage, then next year is shaping up to be absolute madness.

With a fearlessly voracious desire to push the wildest sounds to the masses together, the two label heads contend, “Our ethos is always to make something nobody’s heard before. We’re not afraid to fail.” And as two of dance music’s most sought-after producers continue to blaze new trails, their own solo projects will continue to thrive next year as well. In the interview, Skrillex and Diplo both mention new music in 2015, and Diplo more specifically references a forthcoming Major Lazer record too. Madonna and Diplo’s highly anticipated tag-team effort is due in February, as well as plans to drop a mixtape stocked with original Jack Ü tracks and treats from other friends too.

But for those wondering how this side project is governed by any sort of parameters, truth is, unrestrained, off-the-cuff unpredictability is the name of Skrill and Dip’s game. “Everything we’ve done so far has been spontaneous. We’ve played people’s demos for crowds of 60,000 people. We’re able to give people something brand-new, and they’ll listen, and we want to take advantage of that privilege and opportunity.” The bromance of the century talk rain-soaked raves inside of smoldering volcanoes, the shift in respective club scenes across the country, working with Justin Bieber, and destroying house parties and festival stages like it’s nobody’s business.

The bottom line for the duo is quite simple. Jack Ü is about kicking in doors, keeping the party hyped, and rearranging the way people relate to dance music. Jack Ü is here to change the game moving into 2015, and as Diplo eloquently and concisely sums it up, “If people love it, we’re gonna go back and do more. And if people hate it, we’re gonna go back and do more.” 

Read the full interview over at TimeOut.

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