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Warner Music Group becomes offiicial partner of Interlude

Interlude, a company that lets viewers choose what happens in an interactive music video, has just become partners with Warner Music Group. Building on previous collaborations between the two companies, the partnership sees one of the music industry’s largest players strengthen a relationship that has already yielded successful results.

“Interlude’s technology enables a level of seamless fan engagement that has never before been possible,” said Rob Wiesenthal, the chief operating officer/corporate of Warner Music Group. “This venture is both an interactive canvas for our artists and a new way for fans to share customized videos. Interlude’s video technology will allow for a level of creativity in digital brand integration that is both engaging and elegant. This is the latest in a series of WMG alliances with top-of-class emerging digital players that help set Warner Music apart from its peers.”

The platform has already established a pricing model which ranges from free membership for the service’s basic features, to $350 a month for the service’s premium content uploading capabilities.

Via: Billboard

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