Zedd buys million dollar mansion in the Hollywood HillsZedd Mansion 9

Zedd buys million dollar mansion in the Hollywood Hills

Zedd buys million dollar mansion in the Hollywood Hills

After becoming one of the biggest dance pop producers in the industry, its about time that Zedd shows off his success. Joining the likes of Avicii and Calvin Harris in his new digs in the Hollywood Hills, the “Find You” star has officially begun living the MTV Cribs lifestyle.

Take a tour of Zedd’s new digs.

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Hardwell joins the Mansion family

The number 1 DJ in the world has just joined the long list of DJ homeowners with the purchase of his own extravagant digs in a remote Netherlands locale. While his peers sprung for lavish mansions and exorbitant price tags, the Revealed Recordings label leader dropped a meager 1.3 million Euros on his new home. The house itself is a 7 bedroom, bi-level with some incredible views and a garden that won 2009’s “Garden of the Year” in the Netherlands.

Check it out to see where the world’s biggest DJ spends his down time.

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deadmau5 buys 118-acre estate

Welcome to deadmau5’s new home, a 118-acre estate in rural Ontario. Not to be outdone by his peers Calvin Harris and Avicii, deadmau5 acknowledged that even if the trend was spending $15 million he chose to only spend $5 million — that way he could use the other $10 million to “buy a P1, save $10 million, and still produce a tour.”

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Calvin Harris upgraded to a $15 million dollar mansion. Take the tour on the next page.

Check out Calvin Harris's new 15 million dollar mansion

Welcome to Calvin Harris’s new home. After spending $7 million on his mansion in the Hollywood Hills, the most paid man in the dance music business has decided to upgrade. His latest estate is a $15 million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills.

Not too shabby.

Even after the price tag, he’s still got plenty of cash left over from the $66 million he reportedly earned last year.

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Avicii’s mansion might dwarf them all. Scope out his new digs on the next page.

Take the tour of Avicii's impressive Los Angeles mansion

Welcome to Avicii’s 7,000 square foot Hollywood Hills home. The successful producer behind “Levels” and his genre-blurring debut album True purchased the incredible home for back in December for the measly price tag of $15,750,000. What exactly did Tim get for that much scratch? Serene views, gorgeous¬†architecture¬†and one hell of a bachelor pad perfect for one of the most recognizable talents in dance music. This one gives Calvin Harris’s mansion a run for its money.

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