Adam K feat. Matthew Steeper – Come Alive (Original Mix)Come

Adam K feat. Matthew Steeper – Come Alive (Original Mix)

Canadian producer Adam K was hard on his grind in the studio this past fall and winter, and it’s paying off. It’s only one week into the new year and he already has a release out that hits all the right notes. Acoustic guitar riffs come together with Adam K‘s well-known mastery of melody on “Come Alive,” which finds the producer trying his hand at a more mainstream sound. Built solidly around the raw quality of Matthew Steeper’s voice, “Come Alive” is infectious enough for the radio yet powerful enough to set off a festival audience. Older fans of Adam K might also be excited to know that he has released a free download of a 2015 version for his gorgeous 2010 remix with Soha of Reflekt’s classic “Need To Feel Loved.”

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