Ape Drums – Slow Wind (Originial Mix)Ape Drums

Ape Drums – Slow Wind (Originial Mix)

2015 may have just started, but Ape Drums has made the most of it. Coming off the Majestic as Fak tour with Kill The Noise, and Milo & Otis, he made his debut at HARD’s HOLY SHIP this past weekend. With a short turnaround, he has released quite a delicious track tailored for weekend nights with that special lady.

With a smooth R&B topline, a deep house bass line drives the thumping beat forward. Not quite a dance track, the arrangement is structured more for radio, but the song is anything but cliche. With grooves for dance floors and the late night charms of irresistible flirtations, this track is on repeat until a better track proves itself worthy for replacement.

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