Aphex Twin shuts down label RephlexAphe

Aphex Twin shuts down label Rephlex

In an interview feature with Groove, Aphex Twin revealed that after a 24-year run, Rephlex, the label he started with Grant Wilson-Claridge, has officially ceased business. “It has finished, it’s closed now, a few months ago,” he told Marcel Dettman when asked about the state of the label. “Me and my friend would have drifted apart, but actually the label did keep us together.” Aphex Twin said running Rephlex got him to the point where he preferred being Wilson-Claridge’s friend, playing Chicago records and getting stoned, to being his business partner.

The British producer and DJ also said shutting down Rephlex and releasing his latest album Syro, which, according to him marks the end of a certain chapter in his life, will allow him to concentrate on new material. “When you finish an album, it’s like drawing a line so that you can get on with the new stuff. It feels like I’ve reached a certain point in my life. Now I can probably concentrate on new stuff,” he told fellow producer Fritz Kalkbrenner. A follow-up to the album has already been planned, and will take form in an EP titled Computer Conyrolled Acoustic Instruments Pt. 2 due for release on Warp on January 23.

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