The Avener – Fade Out Lines (Klaves Remix)Klaves

The Avener – Fade Out Lines (Klaves Remix)

Klaves was one of the most credible and consistent forces in stripped back house music to emerge in 2014, using PMR Beatclub debut “People” to shine a light on where the softer touch in dance music could gain impressive traction. The Polish talent since donned a hand to remix duties for Bearcubs, but returns at the outset of 2015 with an Island Records debut.

Turning the sombre indie dance cut on its head, every instrument plays in a meticulously coordinated manner, with no beat or note wasted in dead space in the process. Landing without an overriding sense of rigid composition or cut-and-paste club mechanics, instrumental aptitude and functionality meet in seemingly perfect harmony for Mikolaj Gramowski’s second soulful remix in the spotlight. Klaves is the kind of consistent talent that makes you wonder how artists new, established and ancient can still get it so wrong. With 2015 opening the floodgates to a shift in the favored buzz sounds, this unique blend of intimate and eloquent house music puts the Polish newcomer at the top of his game and with all the more ground to cover for the year ahead.

Release Date: February 15

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