‘It’s basically me describing myself and telling stories;’ Alesso reveals details of new albumAlesso Press

‘It’s basically me describing myself and telling stories;’ Alesso reveals details of new album

Alesso just lifted the curtain on his debut LP.

In a new interview, the Swede revealed new details regarding the project. From his inspirations, the album’s current progress, crowd reactions, and much more, the untitled project is still remains one electronic music’s most mysterious artist albums.

“It’s pretty much done,” Alesso revealed, “there are just one or two tracks I’m still working on. I’m not a hundred percent happy with the vocal parts. Then there’s a little bit of tweaking, the mixing and mastering. So that’s pretty much it.”

The melodic tendencies of Alesso’s music has been on full display since emerging in 2011 and despite recent radio success with “Heroes,” the Swede has planned to stick to his roots. “There’s one record that’s probably gonna be my next single. I made that song a year and a half ago, the instrumental, not the vocal part, and I think it still sounds fresh. So I think it’s because when I made that I was thinking about creating something that’s hopefully timeless, that has a combination of electric guitars and acoustic ones. So I try not to create something that’s popular at the moment. I just try to create something that I think will last.”

Divulging on his own emotions when writing music, the interview ended with Alesso reminiscing, “There are some records it’s hard for me to listen to because I relate them to tough moments in my life that I went through. I think this time I really have the courage to go full with this album. So you’ll hear on this album, all the lyrics that are there, it’s me basically trying to tell what I went through, what I think, what really matters or what really has big impact in your life.”

In September at Ultra in Japan, Alesso was quoted as saying the project will land early this year. Set to be released via Def Jam Recordings, the unnamed project’s official release date is still unknown but fans should expect new Alesso music in the near future.

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