Bingo Players release first track since Paul Baumer’s passing, ‘Nothing To Say’Bingo2 FINAL

Bingo Players release first track since Paul Baumer’s passing, ‘Nothing To Say’

The Bingo Players will always be plural.

Over a year ago, the dance music community mourned the loss of one of the most iconic DJ/producers to pioneer the EDM in scene in America, Paul Baümer of the Bingo Players. The duo exploded onto the scene in 2011 with their earthshaking original, “Rattle,” that rocked crowds across the globe. Nearly nine months ago, the other half to the Bingo Players, Maarten Hoogstraten, released “Knock You Out,” which had been completed prior to Paul’s passing. Maarten has finally broken his silence as a solo act now to reveal his first single, “Nothing To Say,” to uphold the Bingo Players’ revered reputation.

Opening the breakout single with glitchy vocal cuts and tensing synth flurries, the Bingo Players return to the their origins of the big room that long-time fans know and love. “Nothing To Say” explodes with pent up emotion as the now solo producer unleashes a titanic drop that vents a surge of quaking percussion and vigorous synth slams.

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