Cadence & Cause seeks to blur the lines between streaming music and philanthropyCadence Cause

Cadence & Cause seeks to blur the lines between streaming music and philanthropy

Listen today. Change tomorrow.

Dance music’s widespread appeal and ever-growing popularity amongst millennials also provides an ideal opportunity to do some philanthropic good. Cadence & Cause, the latest EDM philanthropic start up pairs a cutting edge music streaming platform with positive social impact. Backed by ad agency, LRXD, the platform intends to connect fans and musicians with noble causes.

The concept is simple, C&C functions primarily as a music streaming platform but adds an additional layer of social responsibility where fans can donate money to projects and charitable causes while they listen to their favorite EDM artists. The combination may sound strange at first, but when you consider the possibility of artists offering their music (or merchandise) for purchase with all proceeds donated to charitable causes the larger concept begins to take shape.

The program is still in its infancy but there’s already interested from a handful of big name talent who are hopping on board. Access to the beta is limited but for Dancing Astronaut fans looking for early access simply use the code: CadenceDA when you sign up at

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